Into Darkness

New Orc City is a campaign website and adventuring journal for our table's version of Out of the Abyss - a modern fantasy campaign where a scientist, his secretary, and the son of the Deputy CEO of the company they work for find themselves trapped in the Underdark.

This is a collection of personal worldbuilding, house rules, and plenty of other stuff we brainstormed together. It can and does conflict, a lot!, with the official lore, and the occasional real-life elements come from all sorts of decades. Don't trust it as a reference for your own games - you've been warned!

The Journey So Far

The party successfully escaped from the Velkynvelve outpost with the help of Jorlan, a drow guard who seemed to have ulterior motives. Soon after, the outpost was attacked by something...

The three, accompanied by Sarith and Stool, were lucky enough to be rescued by Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait, two adventurers and businessgoblins running an emergency Bed & Breakfast for lost travelers.

The Bed & Breakfast featured two familiar faces - those of Topsy and Turvy, the svirfneblin wererat twins. As for Joan and Damien, the only familiar face they seemed to yearn for was each other's. Cute!

Reconnecting with old friends, for Kyler, meant contracting the curse of lycanthropy during a petty argument... something everybody knows, except for him.